Note: This page might contain spoilers for this game and other media that is referenced throughout the game.

These references seem to reflect inspirations for the development of the game or are nods towards other artists.

Gone HomeEdit

In one of the supply cache boxes, there is a book called The Accidental Savior by Terrence L. Greenbriar. Terrence "Terry" Greenbriar is the father in the game Gone Home and The Accidental Savior was his first book.

The Last of UsEdit

In one of the supply cache boxes, there is a sweatshirt for the University of Eastern Colorado, a fictional location that served as the setting during the autumn level of The Last of Us. There is dialog between Henry and Delilah about the sweatshirt and they sarcastically wonder if the place actually exists. Later in the game, Delilah references a region called the "Bighorns" - the mascot of the University of Eastern Colorado.


A sweatshirt for the University of Eastern Colorado as seen in Firewatch.

External LinksEdit

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