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The teenage girls swimming.

Chelsea Stevens and Lily McCalin are two drunk teenage girls who are found skinny dipping and setting off fireworks at Jonesy Lake on Day 1. Much to Henry's dislike, they're litter bugs, and leave their empty beer cans everywhere. When Henry finds them skinny dipping, they call him a creep, believing he's spying on them, and flee the scene. When their campsite is trashed (unknowingly to them by Ned Goodwin), they blame Henry and threaten to call the police. Soon after, Delilah calls Henry to inform him the two have gone missing. Many days later, the girls were found and arrested for joy riding when they stole someone's tractor.



Female Base Mesh Model

The "Female Base Mesh" model.

  • Chelsea is voiced by Erin Yvette and Lily is voiced by Nicki Rapp.
  • The teens uses the same female model used for scale measuring during development, only with an added ponytail.[1] The model itself is a free scale model, called "Female Base Mesh", created by Eugene Fokin.[2][3]


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